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Tremella Fuciformis
Skin and hair

What is Tremella?

Tremella Fuciformis mushrooms are considered the ultimate beauty superfood! Used for centuries in China as a traditional medicine for its amazing benefits, it was first harvested in the wild until it was understood the Tremella mushroom needed other mushrooms for their nutrition which was when it began to be cultivated.

These mushrooms have a magical look as their fruiting body is jelly-like and the colour of snow. This is why Tremella Fuciformis is also known as the ‘snow mushroom’ in English. Other names include, the ‘silver ear mushroom’, in Chinese, and the ‘white tree mushroom’ in Japanese. Tremella mushrooms grow in tropical and subtropical regions worldwide, enjoy humid conditions, and contain powerful healing and anti-aging benefits.

The Beauty Mushroom

Tremella is most famous for its effect on the skin and other anti-aging benefits! Yang Guifei was an imperial concubine of Tang Dynasty who is considered one of the most beautiful women in Chinese history and to this day, is named as one of the ‘four great beauties’ of Chinese culture. When asked how she maintained her youthful complexion and glowing skin, Yang Guifei reportedly attributed her ageless skin to Tremella mushrooms.

However, the Tremella mushroom has many other purported benefits that have also been cited in Traditional Chinese Medicine as powerful tonic, believing it would provide support for the lungs, brain, stomach, heart, and boosting the immune system.

Anti-aging, Reduce Wrinkles, healthy skin and hair!
Containing high amounts of polysaccharides, including unique long-chain polysaccharides, in combination with Tremella’s gelatinous structure, this mushroom has remarkable water retaining and antioxidant properties, making it a powerful hydrator. For this amazing benefits, Tremella can often be found in many skincare products. However, the most effective way to boost your skin health is from the inside out. Eating the Tremella mushroom provides your body key nutrients that help skin cell growth and repair, making it an instrumental ingredient in the prevention of premature aging!
Tremella Fuciformis is also packed with antioxidants that break down free radicals, which are a key factor in the development of skin wrinkles. Thus, Tremella helps to prevent fine line and wrinkles from forming, a potent anit-aging benefit. The powerful hydrating effects of this mushroom also moisturises, smooths, and makes the skin more elastic, giving a distinctly youthful look. In addition, for the same reasons Tremella is good for the skin, it is good for your hair keeping it moisturised and looking soft, vibrant, and luxurious.
hydrate your skin and boost cell repair
Tremella Fuciformis Benefits
  • Anti-aging
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Skin and hair health
  • Reduce wrinkles
  • Source of Vitamin D
  • Antioxidant
  • Immune support
  • Anti-cancer
  • Anti-tumour


Although there are plenty of reasons why Tremella is called the ‘beauty mushroom’, this amazing botanical has many other benefits. Various studies have discovered Tremella has strong anti-inflammatory effects, as it limits the spread of inflammation across the body.

The significance Tremella’s anti-inflammatory properties is emphasised as their effects on inflammatory diseases like heart disease, high cholesterol, and tumours cab be greatly reduced. Many health problems are caused by inflammation, including acne, respiratory illness, and headaches, making the importance of Tremella’s anti-inflammatory effects evident. One study examining the effect Tremella has on high cholesterol discovered that consuming this mushroom greatly reduced the levels of unhealthy cholesterol by 31% which, in turn, greatly reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Other benefits of Tremella include the high levels of Vitamin D contained within the mushroom and its ability to support your immune system due to the high levels of beta-glucans. The various nutrients and bioactive compound found in Tremella has led investigations into its anti-cancer and anti-tumour effects. Studies have discovered that Tremella can help fight cancer cells, reduce tumour proliferation, and prevent oncogenesis.

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vitamin D
Where to buy Tremella Fuciformis supplement?

There are many brands that have Tremella Fuciformis mushroom powder or extract supplement for sale. However, to get the most out of your supplement it is important to consider these factors:

  • + extraction methods
  • + concentration of ingredient
  • + bioavailability

Buy high concentration Tremella Fuciformis

The concentration of your supplement, extract or powder, is important as with all botanicals, it generally takes a lot of ingredient to achieve most benefit and optimal result. Many brands tend to have a 1-1 ratio at the lower end of the spectrum, and a 10-1 at the upper end

This means that for every 1kg, or 10kgs, of mushroom, 1kg of powder extract is produced.

At Hitoshin, we pride ourselves on our 20-1 powder extract - that is 20kgs of mushroom produces 1kg of extract - the highest concentration supplement available on the market.

Buy best extraction methods Tremella Fuciformis

The methods of extraction to create your Tremella Fuciformis supplement is an important factor when considering which extract or powder to buy. Many brands use hot, cold, or ethanol as their method of extraction. Ethanol is a very effective form of extraction, however, traditional methods of using ethanol leaves the extract contaminated, lowering the levels of purity in your supplement.

At Hitoshin, our liquids employ triple extraction techniques, creating the highest quality concentration supplement extract available on the market. These methods include hot and cold water extraction, as well as the use of ethanol.

However, due to our revolutionary methods of extraction the ethanol becomes evaporated, delivering all the benefits without your supplement being contaminated.

Buy increased biovailaibilty Tremella Fuciformis

Any supplement is only as effective as the body’s ability to absorb the nutrients. Bioavailability refers to how available the nutrients are in a supplement is available for the body to absorb.

At Hitoshin, we promise to deliver the highest levels of bioavailability of our products. By adding BioPerine® to our Tremella Fuciformis powder extract supplement, we ensure that your body can absorb all of the available nutrients from your supplement, so you can get the most benefit from this amazing mushroom

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