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MCT Oil C8

MCT Oil C8

What is MCT Oil C8? | All About this Coconut Oil Supplement

Coconut oil has taken the world by storm— especially the multiple worlds of wellness, the culinary arts, and beauty. This tropically sourced oil has an incredibly long list of benefits and properties for health, cooking, haircare, skincare, and even more perks besides.

That said, are all coconut oil products made the same? Are some better (or less potent) than others, or better suited for specific purposes? This is where specific types of coconut oil extracts, like MCT Oil C8, come in.

What is MCT Oil C8? What are the other types of coconut oil extracts, and how do they compare? Read on to learn all about this coconut oil supplement, and why it is one of the highest ranked extracts when it comes to supporting the widest spectrum of health and wellness issues— especially for weight loss, metabolism, and the keto diet.

What is C8 MCT Oil?

C8 MCT Oil is a compound extraction of coconut oil used in supplements. “MCT” stands for medium-chain triglycerides, a type of fatty acid (from good, healthy plant-based fats!) considered the “gold mine” compound bringing coconut oil so many of its enviable health benefits.

The “C8” stands for the carbon chain length of the triglyceride. The shorter the carbon chain, the more bioavailable it is to the body— thus the more efficiently the body uses it and the more effective for your health goals it can be.

C8 MCT Oil is a supplement with 8 carbon chains, which in the grand scheme of things is a short carbon chain.

C8 chains of MCT are also called caprylic acid or caprylic acids. There is only one type of oil with a shorter chain: C6, or caproic acid, though its taste makes it a difficult oil for people to use or consume.

In recent years, there has been an explosion of research and studies into medium chain triglycerides and C8 MCT’s specifically. They appear to trigger certain functions in the body that are hard to be replicated by any other supplement, herb, food, or exercise— and are a big draw especially to athletes and those seeking healthier weight and metabolism.

MCT Oil C8

What are the benefits of MCT Oil C8? | Health benefits

The most health conscious and wellness-passionate among us are highly drawn to C8 MCT oil. That’s because the supplement takes all the known health benefits of coconut oil and elevates them, thanks to its chemical composition and rapid absorption into the body!

Athletes and dieters alike use it, but there are benefits for everyone. It can come in many forms depending on what consumers prefer: powder, capsule, even bottled oil form.

Here are the benefits of MCT Oil C8, with an emphasis on the most research-supported health benefits.

MCT Oil C8 is good for metabolism

Even some doctors could go so far as to recommend MCT Oil C8 for supporting metabolism issues. Research shows strong clinical support of the supplement, and this includes for type 2 diabetes as well as managing obesity or weight loss.

Research shows medium-chain fatty acids (including C8 MCTs) help support the body’s ability to metabolize both certain fats and sugars. Not only can this help with some of the most difficult forms of weight loss, but it can also help those with diabetes regulate their blood sugars better, thus avoiding more serious issues that come with the condition.

MCT Oil C8 is good for the digestive system

It’s well-known that coconut oil on its own has antimicrobial properties. Studies show it could be taken daily as a gut tonic or preventative against digestive pathogens or illnesses, thereby boosting gut health.

By keeping down bad bacteria with a natural antimicrobial, one cuts down on the risk of getting stomach bugs or infections.

It also helps support an environment that nurtures good gut bacteria vs. bad, which in turn boosts digestion, inflammation, nutrient absorption, and overall health.

Even more studies into MCT Oil C8 from coconut oil show yet more promise. One study reveals that medium-chain triglycerides, when used in animals regularly, could help reduce the chances of digestive infections.

Yet another study suggests that higher levels of MCT’s in the gut are actually good for the gut microbiome— and in fact, our beneficial gut bacteria create these fatty acids themselves in order to foster a healthier environment for themselves in the digestive system!

MCT Oil C8

MCT Oil C8 is good for heart health

Many of the factors MCT Oil C8 helps with are also those that may help boost heart health.

By supporting metabolism, MCT’s may help improve weight issues that could increase the risk of heart disease. Better fat metabolism can also help lower cardiovascular risk factors.

Studies do show that coconut oil— most likely in thanks to its medium-chain triglycerides—can help increase healthy levels of cholesterol in the blood, while lowering levels of harmful cholesterol. Getting cholesterol under control like this can play a central role in preventing the development of heart disease, with MCT oil being especially effective when consumed daily (which has better effects, according to the study).

C8 MCT Oil is good for ketosis and the keto diet

The keto diet is a high fat, low-carb diet. However, it’s important that the fats one eats while adhering to the diet are healthy ones: like plant-based fats full of healthy fatty acids such as MCTs.

If you’re struggling with getting good fats while following keto, turning to C8 MCT Oil can help as a daily supplement, in a pinch. Studies also show that the oil helps trigger ketosis quicker and more successfully in the body compared to many other plant-based fats or oils, which could make it one of the BEST fats to consume while on the diet!

C8 MCT Oil is good for neurological health

One of the original purposes for the keto diet was to help support and treat neurological disorders— most specifically, multiple sclerosis. As it turns out, ketosis could be a beneficial metabolic process for many other neurological conditions, and MCT Oil C8 could help play a powerful role in this.

In fact, a lot of research has drawn attention to how MCT Oil C8 could be a potential therapy for Alzheimer’s disease. One study showed it had a neuroprotective effect with potential to both prevent and treat the condition.

Yet another study— a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled crossover study— showed that 80% of human test subjects using C8 MCT Oil showed improvement in some Alzheimer’s symptoms, especially the longer term they used the oil.

C8 MCT Oil is good for boosting energy and athletic health

Athletes and gym-goers are very drawn to C8 MCT Oil— but why?

It’s not just for the fat burning or the weight loss (which can be great for helping build muscle vs. fat from one’s diet). For one, yes, studies show that regular consumption of the supplement oil (along with regular exercise) could naturally boost fat oxidation, or the burning of fat.

This effect was even shown during medium intensity exercise, not just high intensity— and it’s a very desirable outcome for athletes!

But MCT Oil C8 can also have the added benefit of boosting energy by curbing chronic inflammation in the body— and, most notably, inflammation of the nervous system and brain as a neuroprotector, which is connected to fatigue issues. Its effects on metabolism help unleash more energy in the body, too.

Studies show that MCT C8 oil can have a beneficial effect on inflammation along the gut-brain axis in animals, which has a hand in reducing fatigue and boosting energy. Though there aren’t any studies on humans (yet), this could likewise help boost performance in athletes— though who else would turn down better energy levels?

MCT Oil C8

What are the best MCT oil supplements?

With coconut oil becoming such a popular health food for the keto diet (and more), it’s no surprise the market is flooded with supplements— and MCT oil supplements especially.

MCT oil C8 is one of the best tiers of these supplements you can buy. But what else marks a high-quality supplement?

  • Made or extracted from whole, all natural ingredients.

Supplements that contain specific compounds may be more effective when they are made from the whole food ingredient containing that compound, studies show.

In the case of MCT oil C8, this means you should check labels and make sure that the supplement is made directly from a natural source of the oil— most likely (and preferably) coconut oil, which is shown to have the highest levels of MCT’s compared to any other natural source.

  • No (or all natural) fillers.

Also be sure to scan labels for other hidden or secret ingredients, sometimes called “fillers.” While a supplement may have a high-quality active ingredient (like C8 MCT oil) beware of lower quality ingredients added in to give the supplement more volume.

Fillers or carriers are found in a lot of supplements and may even be necessary. That said, check what they are, where they come from, and if they’re good for you (and make sure they’re not an allergen you should avoid).

Why C8 is the Best MCT Oil for Keto diet

People seeking the best results from the keto diet may find a strong ally in MCT Oil C8. The medium-chain triglycerides (MCT’s) in coconut oil are nutritive initiators of “ketosis,” a metabolic process in the body that many aim for to manage or lose weight (especially from stubborn fat) or kick start metabolism into a healthier phase, like for those with diabetes or other metabolic disorders. For some, ketosis can be an important dietary therapy for certain neurological conditions, such as multiple sclerosis.

Regardless of the goal, eating a specific set of foods (a.k.a., adhering to the keto diet, meaning low carbohydrates but high in healthy fats) can help trigger this unique process of ketosis: a metabolic state where the body has no energy to burn from carbs, so it produces ketones from ketosis to use as energy instead. This becomes possible by burning off fat stores, which produce ketones.

Why is C8 the best MCT oil for the keto diet?

Because the oil is high in healthy fats— a vital  macronutrient for the diet— it is a good addition overall, just like other healthy fats.

However, C8 having a shorter carbon chain means that the body processes it much more quickly.

This means that it can help encourage the body to reach a state of ketosis quicker. Studies show this to be likely as well— compared to other similar fats, C8 MCT oil was shown to bring the body into the ketosis state more rapidly in multiple human test subjects.

MCT Oil C8

How to use MCT Oil C8

The supplement form of C8 MCT oil is pretty straightforward, with daily use following label directions. However, many health authorities would say that supplement capsule or gel caplet is the least effective way to use the oil for the broadest spectrum of health benefits. To get the best benefits, and especially to get the best jumpstart for the keto diet, it is best to find an oil product in “pourable” form.

How do you use C8 MCT oil in pourable form?

Product recommendations from companies vary with recommendations, but typically say to consume 1-2 tbsp per day before eating any meal, anywhere from 15-30 minutes to 1 hour beforehand. This could be all three meals each day, though breakfast would be the most important meal to target.

The oil can be consumed plain in this form. If the taste or texture is difficult, many people get by mixing the oil into coffee, smoothies, juices, or even salad dressings at the target times to make it more palatable.

MCT Oil C8

In alignment with the keto diet, research also shows that MCT oil from coconut has great benefits for improving fullness and satiety, reducing appetite, and helping break your fast when consumed early in the day, keeping hunger at bay.

Even in a study comparing MCT oil to coconut oil alone, MCT oil was far better at lowering appetite and raising satiety in test subjects! Those who consumed the oil first thing in the day were far more likely to turn down food later in the day, feeling full.

While many health experts may be quick to recommend coconut oil for the same purposes (ketosis or weight loss), it is truly the medium-chain triglycerides that do the real trick. With MCT oil C8 being one of the shorter chain fatty acids, the science supports that it may be one of the best supplements for breaking a fast in this way.

Many are flocking to the benefits of coconut oil and C8 MCT oil as if it’s the next best superfood, and for many reasons: for more successful weight loss or management with the keto diet, for being a better athlete, to support stronger brain health, and much more.

While there are incredible health benefits in store for just about anyone, remember: no natural supplement is a magic bullet remedy for weight loss or anything else. If you lead a healthy life full of great choices in wellness, the more likely you’ll reap the rewards from this incredible fatty acid supplement.

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