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+ Made in EU+ Non GMO+ Gluten Free+ 100% Vegan

Our Story
It’s not about us It’s about you

Embarking on a journey to improve your health and overall quality of life is not as simple and straightforward as it should be. At Hitoshin we are here to fully equip you on that journey, encouraging you to make the right decisions today that your future self will thank you for.

We are a young team, dedicated to the health and healing of all people in the safest, most effective, and natural way. With a solid backing of the latest scientific research, we understand that dietary supplements are key to optimizing our health and overall wellbeing. By implementing modern techniques in traditional medicine and botanical sciences, we bring you nature’s best.

Our products are carefully constructed around the concept of synergy. By combining certain ingredients together that have a synergistic effect on each other, the healing benefits of those ingredients are improved and accelerated by reason of their combination.

A healthy lifestyle, balanced diet, and sufficient exercise are all stepping stones toward living a life of optimum health and radiant vitality. Our revolutionary botanical supplements can be the missing link, unlocking your full potential for the long term. We understand that:

Good Health is a Journey.
And we are both honored and delighted to help you on your path.
The real story of our founder and his mother’s diagnosis of Alzheimer

After many years of searching for something that would improve his mother’s deteriorating condition, he dived deep into the large body of scientific literature available on Dementia and Alzheimer. Together with a team of young professionals, it was discovered that there exists a plethora of scientifically based literature concerning the use of medicinal mushrooms and other healing herbs in the treatment of some of the complaining symptoms of Alzheimer.

And after many tries, we found there to be a result showing, which was exceeding our own expectations.

After almost a decade of “If only” we went from “Who knew”, to “Everyone must know” in just a few days! Tapping into the unrealised potential of Nature’s healing power, our drive to provide natural remedies that optimise health and quality of life accelerated.

Memory loss wasn’t just slowing down. It was reversed. Memory was regained. Read that again.
Synergy optimises BioAvailability

The online supplement market is full of single-ingredient-based formulae. Despite some products being highly concentrated, if the body is not
able to absorb the bioactive compounds, a high percentage of these products will be flushed through the system.

Creating a synergy by combining different ingredients, one ingredient will naturally boost the effectiveness and absorption of the bioactive compounds of the other, and vice versa. It is this carefully composed combination of minerals, vitamins and medicinal compounds that unlocks the true healing and health benefits of any botanical.
In summary, this is exactly what makes our supplements revolutionary – using groundbreaking innovative extraction methods to create synergistically composed formulae, increasing the effectiveness of the bioactive
compounds – creating outstanding bioavailability.

Hitoshin: Here to Help

Hitoshin means Human Heart in Japanese. From its inception, our organisation began with a sincere dedication to help a dearly beloved family member (re)gain optimum health and vitality. At its core Hitoshin continues and extends this dedication to all; as such, you will find this approach in every little detail of our products, from base ingredients to packaging.

We operate from the heart, offering a helping hand in the quest to optimise your health and overall quality of life.

At Hitoshin we maintain consistency when keeping up with all the latest scientific research and technology regarding our supplements and are always eager to incorporate the latest innovations.

Not sure what’s important when choosing a supplement? Believe us, we have been there. We know the frustration of finding many suppliers and not being able to distinguish which products work, and why. At Hitoshin we have compiled all of the information you need to know in one easy click.

How it’s going: optimum health naturally available for all

Our mission is to further explore and unlock Nature’s powerful healing potential for the betterment of all. We envision a world where healthy living and dignified ageing becomes standard. Radiant health and optimum vitality at all stages of life should be accessible to everyone.

Hitoshin began with the love and determination to keep our loved ones healthy and this ethos remains present in every detail of the organisation. From our 100% natural base ingredients to our unique biophotonic glass packaging, we guarantee premium quality products. Our revolutionary botanical supplements are here to stay, becoming the standard for long term natural healing.

We are thrilled to be on this lifelong journey towards optimum health and we welcome you to join us.

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