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One of our family members was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s and suffered from memory loss. We tried several medicines, but they didn’t work. However, we knew that our brains are much stronger than generally believed. Refusing to give up and let the process of memory loss run its course, we decided to search for a possible solution.

As enthusiastic researchers, we learned everything about our brain and memory loss. We consulted some of the world’s smartest scientists. We learned more about neuroplasticity, Nerve Growth Factor, and plaques and tangles; three key factors in the process of memory loss.

What We Discovered Was Mind-Blowing

The latest scientific research on these topics suggested that memory loss can indeed be reversed.

That was all the motivation we needed. As experienced and professional practitioners of plant medicine, we set out to create an organic supplement. Based on solid science and the three key-factors mentioned above, it would be able to support and enhance memory.

We researched, created and tested all kinds of different combinations of plant-based ingredients until we finally found a formula that produced the desired effect. In this case, we effectively reversed the process of memory loss.

We Love & Respect Our Planet

Our Mission

We strongly believe in the healing capacity of nature. Plant medicine has always been around, but it’s something we lost as our societies became further and further removed from nature.

It’s our mission to bring the power of plant medicine back to life and help combat the root causes of diseases, instead of just diminishing its symptoms. With our product(s) we want to empower you to live a high-quality, balanced and healthy life.

Everything we do is firmly rooted in solid scientific research. We unite western medicine, botanical sciences and traditional medical practices to bring you nature’s best.