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The memory recall prevent product contains 2 packages

1 packages of Hericium Erinacies


Hericium Erinaceus Fruiting Body Med/Ph/FB-API0068

Hericium Erinaceus Mycelium Med/Ph/My-API0080


Take 2 capsules per day with a light meal. For optimal results, take regularly for at least 90 days.

1 package of Uncaria Tomentosa & Sideritic Scardica


Uncaria Tomentosa Med/Ph/Ba-API002040

Sideritic Scardica Med/Ph/FS-API000144


Take 2 capsules per day with a light meal. For optimal results, take regularly for at least 90 days.

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20 reviews for Memory Recall® Prevent

  1. Jack K.

    This product is a surprisingly good! I have been using it for 5 months now, it has been really helpful with my memory and cognition.
    I started using the memory recall prevent capsules because I had to strengthen my memory and focus. I recently started a new job, where I work night shifts, and it was a real challenge for me to adjust to these late hours and to learn so many new technical systems and skills at the same time.
    After 2 weeks of taking the memory recall prevent capsules, I noticed a major improvement in my ability to stay focused and concentrate, which is why I keep using them, even though they are really expensive…

  2. Emily

    Losing my memory is something I am very concerned about, Since I have witnessed family members losing their memory completely over the years.
    I love it that Hitoshin is a natural product that increases the memory and concentration abilities in a natural way, without any side effects.

  3. Max Kowalski

    My memory has improved significantly.
    I love it that it is completely natural.
    I had a problem with my order and had to contact Hitoshin, they replied very quickly and solved my problem immedietly.

    Good company, good product, but too expensive!

  4. Dani R.

    It really works.
    My memory has improved after about two weeks. It makes me feel better in overall, not just the memory, but also more energized and sharp.
    You have to take 4 pills every day so 120 caps is only one month supply!
    I experienced a bit of burping and going to the toilet more often, but aside from that no side effects at all.

    Overall – great product, completely natural and provides the results that it promises
    Packaging is superb! neat and beautiful.

  5. P. Kuntz

    I’ve been using memory recall prevent for 2 and a half months now. I feel much more focused and also energized when I wake up. This is a big shift for me.
    I am 43 and had problems with my short term memory for the past 4 years. I learned a lot from the internet and books on the subjects of dementia and memory loss because my older sister is in her late 50s and her memory is getting worse every year. I chose Hitoshin because they seemed very professional and that they really done their research and are offering a high quality product that actually works.
    Since I am taking the memory recall prevent capsules I am much better. I can remember my appointments and daily schedule without looking at my calendar the whole time. highly recommended

  6. V. Dabrowski

    My ability to complete tasks and remember things without having to write them down has improved.
    This product definitely delivers!

    I heard about Hitoshin from a good friend who has been using it for some time now and recommended it to me. I was quite shocked from the price, but she told me that she already tried all the cheaper alternatives and they simply don’t work.

    This product is completely natural, and you can feel the results within 2 weeks. I have been using it for 3 months now and I am definitely going to continue using it!

  7. William Young

    Great neutropic. Definitely works well.
    Really like this stuff. I’ve been taking it for over 4 months now. I feel more alert, my thinking is more clear and sharp and I am much more energized, even when I don’t sleep many hours.

    One time, I went a full week without them because I was on a vacation and I didn’t bring enough capsules with me. I Immediately noticed the difference. I didn’t feel as sharp as usual.

    I highly recommend these capsules, although they are very expensive. It’s worth it!

  8. Jane G.

    I started using Hitoshin because I started professional studies last year, and really needed to boost my brain and concentration abilities.
    I have been taking it for a month and a half now, and so far I am quite happy with the results, and also with the customer service- I had to contact Hitoshin because I made a mistake in my order and they quickly replied and solved my problem.
    The package arrived on time and in great condition. The capsules are in a normal size, easy to swallow and there is no aftertaste.
    The main changes I feel is that I am more focused, more energized, and can concentrate for much longer periods of time. it also seems to affect my digestion system – I need to go to the toilet more often.

    It’s amazing that the product is completely natural! It’s very expensive though, I hope they will reduce the prices because it’s too much for me for the long term.

  9. R. Lerner

    I can notice the difference when I take the capsules and when I don’t.
    This product is great if you want to improve your memory. It really works. I have problems such as struggling to find the right words, and remembering small things like where I put my stuff.
    I swear this supplement really made a difference with these kind of things and plus, I feel more energized and have better digestion. It’s completely natural and has no side effects.

    A high quality product.

  10. D. Wilson

    I bought these for my dad. In the last 2 years my dad he had multiple mini strokes, and as a result his thought processes has gotten significantly slower. it became harder for him to focus on one subject, and he is constantly jumping from one topic to the other.
    I did some research on dementia and memory issues and realized that I should start acting now, in order to prevent from the situation to get worse.
    I researched Hitoshin’s products and the information about the ingredients that they are using , and decided to give it a go, as I got the impression that they are a very serious company.
    My dad has been taking the capsules for 3 months now, and while I cannot really say that it solved the problem 100%, I do see a very clear improvement – he is more focused. he can stay concentrated on one topic. he seems more present and clear.

    These capsules are expensive, but they are definitely top quality, which is something I appreciate – the packaging is really professional, and the capsules are easy to swallow and leave no aftertaste.

  11. Edward

    I love this nootropic supplement.

    I have been using it for 3 months and have felt a significant improvement in my cognitive abilities.
    I have tried several other supplements in the last 2 years, since my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer, as I really want to protect myself. There are so many researches and supplements on the market that it’s hard to choose.
    I would highly recommend Hitoshin as since their products contain the best quality ingredients and from my experience – gives the best results.

  12. John Holland

    Memory recall prevent is great. I have experienced a noticeable improvement in my ability to concentrate and remember things within a short period of 2 months.
    My only complaint is the cost. It’s too expensive!

  13. Patricia

    Definitely Helped.
    I was surprised and pleased with the results.
    This supplement is a powder filled capsule. The capsules are easy to swallow and have no aftertaste or side effects. it is 100% natural.

    I finished my second package yesterday and I can report a noticeable difference in my short term memory functioning.
    In the past, I would have to write everything down, so I don’t forget things, but after using this capsules, I found myself remembering things much more easily, and not needing to write down so much. That´s a really good sign!
    I am going to order the yearly package now, as it really is worth the price.

    I would totally recommend this to any person who is looking for more clarity and memory recall in their lives.

  14. Viktor

    Family on my father’s side, including my father are all suffering from early onset Alzheimer. Last year I have tested myself because I wanted to know if I have the same gene, and unfortunately, I was tested positively. At first it was devastating news, and now for more than 1 year I’ve been doing research because I really believe that I can heal/prevent it in a natural way.

    I am taking now the Hitoshin and after reading the website I did my own research and came to the conclusion that the information they provide on the website is very trustworthy. This is definitely the only product I trust and I put my highest hopes on this product.

    I already feel small changes in my cognition. For me the reason I take this is to stop the slow down process.

  15. Steven

    More Focus, More Alertness – only side effects are burping and having to go to the toilet a lot.

    I have been suffering from fatigue, concentration problems, forgetfulness… Since I am using the memory recall prevent my energy levels increased and also my thoughts became more clear. It is easier to concentrate.

    The price is very high though, I am not sure if I can really keep using these capsules forever, but they do give good value for money. recommended!

  16. Brian

    Overall – a very good product
    Very nice packages. No aftertaste. Completely natural. The ingredients that they use seem very well researched and based on real scientific studies.
    I have dementia running in the family, and would like to do all I can to support my brain health and prevent it from happening to me.

    I felt an improvement almost immediately and am planning to continue taking the Hitoshin capsules.

  17. J. Yilmaz

    I love the fact that these capsules are 100% natural and contain the best ingredients for your brain. I’m at the end of my second package and I definitely notice an improvement in my brain function. My short term memory is much better, I feel a significant difference in my mental clarity, and also feel more energized.
    Thanks Hitoshin!

  18. M. Gracia

    I tried Hitoshin because I am in my 40s now, and I started noticing that my short term memory, ability to think through problems, and sharpness are not as good as they were in the past.
    My mom has Alzheimer and I have done a lot of research about the subject. The book by Dale Bredesen “The end of Alzheimer” has really opened my mind to the possibilities of preventing dementia using natural ingredients and I chose Hitoshin’s products because they seem to be very devoted to what they do, they seemed very professional and trustworthy to me.

    This product is definitely a top quality product! Beautiful packaging, easy to swallow capsules, great ingredients and the most important thing – I can literally feel the improvement in my memory recall after only 1 month!

    Highly recommended. 5 stars

  19. Margaret C.

    I don’t like medications because of the side effects, but with this product I feel completely safe. I am 64 years old and this product gave me mental clarity and improved my memory a lot.

  20. D. Bauer

    My brother recommended me to try this product.
    I never believed in natural remedies cause from my experience they don’t work, but he was so excited that he convinced me to try.
    I’ve been taking these for a month now and I have noticed a change in mood (more energy) and more clarity of thought.
    I can’t say I’m back 100% a different person, but I’m happy with the results so far! Even after a working till late night and waking up early morning I feel quite clear and sharp, which is very different than to how I was before.

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