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Hericium Erinaceus Med/Ph/FB-API0068

Olea Europa Fruit Extract Med/Ph/Ext-API00158

Royal Mellifera Gelly Med/Ph/APIS-API1758

Polygonum Cuspidatum Med/Ph/Ext-API00037

Zn (as zinc citrate), L-Selenomethionine, Tocopherl (as Vitamin E Acetate), Ascorbic acid, Biotin, Folic acid

Vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, B3, D3



Take 4 capsules per day, preferably 2 in the morning and 2 in the evening with a light meal. For optimal results, take regularly for at least 90 days.

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18 reviews for Adaptive Immunity®

  1. Penny

    Quick and effective.

    I had a horrible sinus infection, which really made me miserable.
    The doctor prescribed me with antibiotics of course, but still the infection just wouldn’t go away. I was taking Sudafed in the nights, and DayQuil & Airborne for the days, and still, Nothing was working!

    Finally I decided to give up the medications and try a natural remedy, and I ordered these, as a good friend of mine is a big fan of the brand. The delivery was quick and I immediately took 4 capsules on the first day. Already the next day I felt an improvement! Finally! Within another two days, everything was completely gone. I’m a believer! 5 stars to Hitoshin

  2. J. Ivanov

    The most important item in my medicine box.

    I have always been the first one to get sick – colds, sinus infections, flu, viruses etc. -all my life!
    Since I started taking these 6 months ago, I merely got sick at all, and when I did, I would take a bit of extra capsules and it would go away within 2 days.

    Right now, I am the only one in my family who has avoided getting the flu this season and I definitely give Hitoshin the credit for that!

    Ordering more supply right now

  3. Birgit B.

    I am on peritoneal dialysis and also I have Lupus, so I have a very weak immune system unfortunately. Every year I keep catching colds very easily and it takes me weeks to get rid of it.

    A few months ago my brother read about Hitoshin’s product in a health magazine, done some research and suggested that I will try them. Wow, what a blessing! I take it every day now because of the corona pandemic. If I start to feel something coming on, I’ll take up to 6 capsules a day and usually the symptoms go away with 2 days!

    Hitoshin is the truth! I keep it in stock and I’m ordering some more right now!

  4. N. Murphy

    Way overrated.
    These capsules are good, I definitely felt something, but I still got sick. I had a cold even though I took 4 capsules every day like they say. I healed faster than usual, but I wouldn’t say these capsules really prevent you from getting sick.

  5. James

    Get this if you are currently sick, or if you just want something to boost your immunity.
    It really works. Amazing what nature can provide us with.

    I’ve taken soooo many immune system boosting supplements over the years (Emerg-C, Airborne, etc) they really didn’t help me at all.
    These capsules are 1000x better than all the usual products you will find in the stores. Take 2 in the morning and 2 at night, and you will start feeling the difference within 2 days.

  6. Jim Thomas

    I am working as a teacher, and germs are everywhere. I am so afraid of getting sick because when I do – it usually lasts for weeks, and I can’t get rid of it.
    These capsules were introduced to me by a coworker who takes them, and after 2 days of taking them I was already feeling so much better. I am taking them every day now for 4 months, to protect myself from the viruses and diseases. It costs a lot, but being sick for weeks and not being able to work costs even more.

    I recommend Hitoshin to everyone I know.

    Fast forward to December and it’s near the end of the quarter. My body is dead tired but I can’t afford to take off. I started taking 3 twice daily. I had one day of an itchy throat, the next day it was gone. The “flu” I thought I was about to get didn’t happen and I still haven’t gotten sick since then. I don’t know what kind of sorcery this is but it works!!

  7. Sabrina

    I was surprised from how fast this product works. It’s not only good for preventing diseases, it also helps to heal faster. I already had a cold and fever when I started taking the capsules and it disappeared within 2 days. Usually when I’m sick it lasts for at least a week.

    I ordered it because of the corona virus, I am worried for myself and for my mother, so I got it for her as well, as she is under the ‘high risk’ category. We have been using this product for 2 months now and all is good. Very happy with this product. seems like a great combination of ingredients that really work!

  8. John

    A great product. The delivery was fast, and the packaging is beautiful. Thank you!

  9. B. Davies

    Real value for money. Hitoshin knows what they are doing.

    I have always suffered from weak immune system and would get flu and cold every winter.
    I have been using the adaptive immunity capsules in the winter months, in order to give my immunity system a boost and it really worked. I was not sick even once. I also felt more energized and relaxed. This one is a real winner for me!

  10. E. Jones

    I was suffering from respiratory problems and repetitive sinus, thanks to my little grandchildren who would get these infections from the day care and pass them on to me!
    My son bought me these pills and since I started taking them I did not get sick anymore.
    I now take them every day for prevention, as I trust this brand, and my son is taking them as well.

  11. Chris Walker

    Great supplement to prevent illnesses. It really works!

    I have been taking the adaptive immunity for the winter months and was not sick at all. In previous years I would always get sick and my body felt weak and vulnerable. With this product I feel much stronger! It is not cheap, but it does the work it promises, and is completely natural.

    I am ordering a yearly supply now as this is really worth the investment

  12. R. Wright

    Much better than the other products on the market.

    I have done an extensive research and tried myself various kinds of supplements, and this one is the first one that actually helped me heal faster and stay strong and healthy. I have been using it for 4 months now.

    Hitoshin is the only company that uses high active ingredients concentration, so the quality of the capsules is superb. they are expensive, but it’s worth the investment. much better than the other stuff that’s on the market.

    I recommend.

  13. Sammy B.

    Great product. Beautiful packaging. Fast shipment. The capsules are easy to swallow, with no aftertaste and no side effects.

    Hitoshin know what they are doing. They use high quality ingredients which is why I prefer to pay more but get the real thing. These capsules have improved my immune system tremendously!

  14. Eugenia

    All I can say is I that have not gotten ill since taking these.
    It has been only 1 month now, so I will continue taking them and post an update in a month or so.

    For now – the product seems to keep its promise!

  15. Vero

    This is my new favorite for the corona and colds season.

    I care a lot about natural, high quality ingredients and that’s why I chose Hitoshin over the other companies.
    I was actually already a bit sick when I received the capsules, and I felt an instant improvement. That was a great start. I kept taking the capsules for a few months, and remained perfectly healthy.

    This is a real high quality product, and the only downside is that it is also very expensive. I suppose it’s because of the ingredients, but still, it’s hard to maintain.

  16. Melanie

    I bought this product after several rounds of antibiotics that did not help – I could not get over bronchitis and pneumonia that lasted for months.
    I’m so glad I bought it. It helped very quickly and I keep taking these now for prevention and defense.

  17. Mari

    These are not “magic capsules” like some people seem to think, I still got sick here and there even though I took them for the whole winter season – but they do help. My body healed much faster, and in general I feel stronger and “more immune”

  18. Donna L.

    It works.

    I was sick for 12 days, not getting any better at all (I had lots of head and chest congestion, coughing and runny nose).
    I was tired of taking antibiotics, and decided this time to try something natural.
    My brother recommended me Hitoshin- at first I was hesitant because of the high price and also because I was doubting if a natural remedy can actually work for me, but I decided to give it a try. The delivery was very fast and I started feeling better literally within a few hours after taking the capsules. By the next day I was almost completely back to normal.

    I am so grateful for this amazing product. I just ordered a yearly supply. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

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