Highly Concentrated Mushroom Liquid Extracts

If you’re looking for a holistic mushroom supplement of highest quality, you have come to the right place. With our innovative extraction process and carefully selected organic ingredients, the products we offer are different from the common standard mushroom supplements on the market. To illustrate the quality and concentration: the absorption of healing compounds of just 1 teaspoon of our liquid extract is equal to about 38 mushroom powder capsules.

Find out below why we can claim these outstanding records of bioactive compounds in our premium products.

Setting a new standard: extracting twice

We can claim the highest quality in the market due to our unique and innovative extraction process. Or actually, we extract twice! Whereas supplements and capsules can only extract the water-soluble compounds, we start with using pure organic ethanol to extract the lilophilic compounds. These are vital amino acids, triterpenes, minerals and vitamins: all important bioactive compounds which the medicinal mushrooms are used and known for.

After this first extraction, we remove the alcohol by distillation, leaving a high concentrated liquid. Only then we extract the water-soluble compounds, which are the highly nutritious peptidoglycans and polysaccharides, that contain highly beneficial beta-glucans. Finally, we homogenise these 2 powerful extracts with organic glycerine to protect vitamin and mineral molecules and active agents during storage. But even better, glycerine greatly enhances absorption, which results in the body to optimally benefit from the healing compounds.

100% natural products / organic ingredients that are carefully selected

In our high-end, unique and innovative production process, we only use carefully selected, vegan and organic products in a high-end to ensure outstanding quality. Our main ingredients are found below:

Our gently dried mushrooms are cultivated on certified raw materials (supplied from 100% organic farming)

Our ethanol is distilled from organic grown cereals

Our vegan organic glycerine is made from sunflower seeds

No other additives are used. Therefore, we can claim our 100% natural products to be:


free of lactose, gluten, palm oil, alcohol, sulphite (not sulphurized),

free from added sugar (contains naturally occurring sugar),

free from food dye and artificial flavouring

free from pesticides, plasticisers and radioactive-nuclear radiation

free from chemical-synthetic, radioactive-nuclear and microbial-bacterial contamination

GMO-free (according to EU-Organic-Regulation)